Amazing Footage Of American World War 2 Tanks In Action | Forces TV

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48 thoughts on “Amazing Footage Of American World War 2 Tanks In Action | Forces TV

  1. Douglas Jones says:

    Interesting footage.
    But the narration is rank propaganda.
    But I guess that’s what was required at the time. Or…necessary?
    Anyway, thanks.

  2. Thomas Linton says:

    Hardly "amazing," given that it's nearly eight decades old. 0____0

  3. Sebastian Giannini says:

    I think the British had it right and thus the Sherman firefly was born.the standard short barrel 75 mm was all but useless except close range.where as the Brit high velocity qf 17 pounder could engage german panzers at range.

  4. William R Thompson Jr says:

    My Dad served with the 1st Armored Div in Italy during WWII, so it was nice to get another glimpse of what it might have looked like for him.

  5. Jerry Mccrae says:

    The engineers were wading in waist derp COLD water! Dont know how they stood it! Truly the GREATEST GENERATION!

  6. my grand grandfather was in ww2 he killed 20 + people and he died inside a tank because my grandma said a person chuck a grenade inside the tank and my grand grand father was in it so it ended up killing him

  7. LeglessLex says:

    can you imagine a world where this actually happened ?

  8. Aidan Convery says:

    Firing into an empty mountainside, no enemy would expose themselves there.

  9. Aidan Convery says:

    Check tank losses Europe.

  10. Recentibus says:

    play yoko ono's classic hit song warzone and then play this

  11. Kenny Porter says:

    This is only one reason we stand for our great flag, God bless our troops thank you.

  12. Dan Clayberger says:

    These "training videos" always make war seem ease,clean and planned. But it is hard, dirty, and chaotic.,.,.,.,.

  13. Thomas Linton says:

    "I am coming to you to ax for a quick favor." Sure Joe. Here's a favor. Get institutional help.

  14. Sean Ramey says:

    LMAO at the sound engineer that added sound! @10:54 he thinks that the guns are only firing when he sees a muzzle flash, and then at 11:01 he thinks that each bullet has a tracer and makes the sounds like the machine guns are firing in semi auto…

  15. Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS says:

    As the troops move up everything around them turns into a wasteland, horrible place for a young soldier to die. War is dreadful and the weak are not sacrificed but the best. It could be the reason that the human brain has decreased in size for the last ten thousand years. War continually taking the best along with stalin figures throughout history. It could be the reason we can't figure out how the ancients made the wonderful Egyptian stone works.

  16. Adolfo Fernandez says:

    Gotta love the added sound effects lol

  17. muhammad zakaria says:

    well, we all know this is only for propaganda purposes, the battle is more hellish. I pray for those who died in this battle

  18. Jesus Medina says:

    Those tires squeaky

  19. James Wewerka says:

    Rather be on my feet with a bazooka

  20. Paolo Viti says:

    wow, very intesting documantary! I`ve been at Volturno in Italy and nowadays is is nearly impossible to Visualise the incredibly muddy, torrential rainy and very strong wind. Mind you that it has never been a beautiful place but still…..

  21. Andriana Agustina says:

    Critical hit!

  22. Andriana Agustina says:

    We didn’t even penetrate their armor

  23. Russell Brill says:

    To say that a Sherman tank can kill a German the standard M4 with the 75 was low velocity but the Sherman was fitted with the 76 to take out any German tank and they stood their ground in Korea against the Russian tanks

  24. buds for you says:

    Military training film is not action.

  25. Albert Marsh says:

    Could do without the goddamn music

  26. The US Army lost about 4900 medium tanks in WWII with approximately 1800 crewmen KIA. The Sherman was not the death trap that it’s made out to be.

  27. too bad they dont show the Tigers and Panthers waiting for them to take them down with fun 🙂

  28. Socially Distant says:

    Where's Animal???

  29. Jonas Pianomusic says:

    Crappy M4A3 Sherman it was murder to send the boys in this piece of junk against the wehrmacht, I mean just look AT THAT GUN lol its a joke! Designed for HE rounds, but as a main battle tank?

  30. Gene Clark says:

    The tanks are awesome…but how about those Army Engineers? Those dudes are amazing

  31. Thomas Linton says:

    "200 metric tons each" for the tracks on an Abrams, you say. That would make the tracks alone weigh six times the weight of the entire Abrams. You need to do better. 0__0

  32. Sherman was the pinto of the tank world.

  33. Michael Davis says:

    For those of you trying to compare the US tanks to the German and Soviet tanks of WWII, there is no comparison. Literally – there is no comparison. US tanks were not designed to take on other tanks. They were designed as infantry support. The American anti-tank plan was to use aircraft (which is why the Battle of the Bulge started off so poorly for the Western Allies) and exploit the known shortages of Axis oil reserves. While Shermans did, on occasion take on Panzers, they eventually learned tactics that would mitigate the German tank's advantages. That said, they avoided tank battles whenever possible as pound for pound the German tanks were considerably better.

  34. davidca96 says:

    I wish video technology had been more advanced during WW2, it was a war like we will never see again especially the eastern front tank battles. 600 tanks all rumbling towards each other firing, what a sight that must have been.

  35. How do they edit these films?

  36. General Goldy says:

    it was a beast in the pacific due to there were no Tiger tanks but it was still reliable against the Pz IV despite it not supposed to be a combat tank it was designed for infantry support and it did a good job it was cheap to produce at least 76,000 were made

    Edit:My bad i mean 49k

  37. "bounced off" "we didn't even scratch them"

  38. The Sherman Best Tank of WWII

  39. Andeng lego Pertin says:

    M4 sherman i love it

  40. Tony Bochene says:

    Interesting how much positive bullshit the fed govt put out on Sherman's while the war was being fought, however if they'd been honest about them being death traps, as they were in Europe, the military would have had a hard time finding anyone to man them. We only beat the German tanks because we out produced them. Good thing we weren't fighting the Russian tanks or we would have lost.

  41. ROCK35377 says:

    M4 tank. Only the British troops called it a Sherman during the war.

  42. Pablo Seykata says:

    Did the War Department ever provide any kind of explanation as to why the Sherman had such a low power main gun? It became clear almost immediately that the Sherman's main gun couldn't do the job. Why did it take so long to fix this problem?

  43. Bob Henderson says:

    The Sherman was fine in the Pacific. It was murder to send men out in Sherman's on and after D-Day.

  44. Very little tank action in this video. Still not a bad video though.

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