Alice in Chains- Rooster with Vietnam War footage

Song is Alice in chains- Rooster

I do not own this song, nor any rights to this song. This song belongs to Jerry Cantrell, and any other respective owners.

3 thoughts on “Alice in Chains- Rooster with Vietnam War footage

  1. Jessie Hughes says:

    My friend Pat Hayes was 101st Airborne around 1970 ish from what I can remember. 👍other than that 3 uncle's, came back physically, 1 mentally…Captain Bill Abbs.Thank you all uncle's an all Veterans!!!! Any benefits I donate too!!!!

  2. First Last says:

    Too bad it cuts out a big chunk of the song, other than that…good video.

  3. Jerry Jocoy says:

    Nice job on the video and a big 👍 for Mr Cantrell for his service in Vietnam and its only 45 years late but welcome home and thank you for serving our country, my Uncle Leonard Valdez also served over there and was with the 101st Screaming Eagles he was awarded at least 1 purple heart that I know of, and he is my uncle and he is one of my heroes as well as his father who I met one time in Denver Colorado about 1980 I was about10 years old & Leonard senior was with the First div. armor " The Big Red One" in WW11 and he was one of very few in his battalion that survived the onslaught from the German tanks and he was saved by German medics that fell behind and patched up a few fortunate Americans after that battle, God bless you all ,,,

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