Air to Air Combat Footage with the Bloody Wonder V2

Ollie and I got a chance to do some more streamer combat flying with our Bloody Wonder V2s while we were down at the field today.

For the first flight we mounted the Mobius Actioncam to the bottom of my orange plane, and on the second flight we mounted the camera to the nose of Ollie’s green plane.

In the first round I took out Ollie’s ribbon, and in the second round he took out my plane with a direct hit which resulted in the shearing of part of the tail. I think this is some great footage but a bit slow at points.

If you enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up!

The thumbnail image is of a Streamer Tailed Tyrant, a type of bird. When I put these videos up, YouTube suggests that as a keyword, I thought it was fitting terminology. The original image is by Dario Sanches at and has been modified and used under the following terms