Air Force F-4 Phantom Vietnam War Operations

Like This Movie Trailer? Go to to purchase the entire 70-minute video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos. This DVD documents the important role played by the F-4 Phantom during the Vietnam War. Includes on- camera interviews with F-4 aces (Captain Charles DeBellvue and Capt. Richard S. Ritchie), excellent gun camera footage of F-4s in combat and the day-to-day activities of F-4 pilots and crewmen. Covers activities of the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing, F-4 crews at Da Nang, F-4C pilots at Phan Rang and Ubon. Also shows 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat in missions over Cambodia in 1973. Aside from the interviews, this film footage is silent with captions and music