AH-1 Cobra – 4,000 Minigun Rounds per Minute

When the Vietnam War broke out in 1965, the introduction of the Bell UH1 single-engined attack helicopter quickly proved a game-changer in air cavalry. However, despite its tremendous capability for quickly transporting troops to the frontlines, it was also highly vulnerable against enemy fire.

This led Bell to design a helicopter gunship that could escort troops to landing zones and improve their survivability. The new model was dubbed the Cobra after its slender yet lethal design.

Armed with a chin-mounted M28 turret with two 7.68-millimeter miniguns or two 40-millimeter M129 grenade launchers and over 20 missiles, the HueyCobra quickly became the apex predator of the Vietnamese countryside.

With the capacity to pour over 4,000 minigun rounds per minute and launch a dozen rockets in a matter of seconds, watching a Cobra approach from afar was not a welcoming sight for any Vietnamese hidden in the jungle.

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