Afghanistan War. Heavy Firefight Helicopter Door Gunners Hunt & Shoot – Combat Footage HD

Afghanistan War. Heavy firefight Helicopter: CH-47 Chinook, McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache. Compilation HD
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24 thoughts on “Afghanistan War. Heavy Firefight Helicopter Door Gunners Hunt & Shoot – Combat Footage HD

  1. Michael Adderley says:

    Wonder how the metals would work against anti magnetism….ain't nothing brave about this shyt…and no wonder boy reply…no one does nothing when a female soldier gets raped…what side ur really on…mfs like fireworks more than people…what the fuck ur childhood was about…did u shoot ur friends…

  2. Tom Larson says:

    How hard is it to shoot those guns accurately? Seems different altitude and speed would significantly effect the shots. Do they mostly do a burst to gauge it then get on target or do they have instincts/logics to get the ballistics right?

  3. Rex CT 7576 says:

    It’s a UH-1Y super Huey because rocket pods on a black hawk has the rocket pods on its wings things on the side that stick out

  4. Travis Thacker says:

    Good old GAU-21 making high rate .50 caliber sound better and better until someone created the GAU-19-B and #A series variable fire rate 3 barrel light weight variant in .50 caliber of course. ( Although it's a tad bit hard to place your fist guess or SWAG hits in even the area you need to be with out some type of sight system…………….yea tracer will walk you in and help you gauge range, wind, and target composition but for the first burst it helps to have a sight of any kind manual Iron or Optical Dot ………preferably, or even better a large diameter optical 75MM or 65mm sized Red Dot Scope that has built in selected MOA dot size or a range graduated scale of some type for rough range estimation. Get the right guy or gal that knows the system well working the guns for you and you won't even have to give left gun right gun fire and stop commands……………they will already know when in good range for the burst and know the target being called out.
    Thing is these machine gun systems were never really designed for the CAS role 100% in mind but it was always in the realm of doable for any machine gun mounted to a air platform. The best use for the M134 is that it's actually more accurate then the .50 caliber at 1000 to 1500 meters and can put a larger % chance of hit on soft targets at that range or closer in like 300-800 meters or yards compared to the larger slower M-2 .50 caliber or the faster fire rate GAU-21. The GAU-19B however is a light 3 barrel .50 caliber dual fire rate and it can keep up the same accuracy as the M-134 on target at even longer ranges due to the heavier projectile and of course similar projectile speed in the 2800 FPS to 3250 FPS range of velocity depending on load type and barrel length of the system used. You do not want to be in a convoy of armored or light armored trucks when a small escort flight of 3-5 choppers all armed with those gun systems comes flying in to chew you up………….the vehicles might get lucky and have plenty enough armor to bug off the M-134 7.62 caliber even if it's API / AP but most of the time they wont be able to handle the high angle of attack from the larger .50 caliber which is almost always 75% of the time going to be slinging some type of dedicated hard core projectiles be it the modern Tungsten API-HE-MP Raufuss stuff or the older API-APIT belts. It's highly unlikely the .50 caliber when on a machine mount in war zones will be armed with FMJ ball unless it's simply light infantry units or National Guard or Reserve units. ( They have pretty much designated all the old style Orange and Red daylight tracer .50 caliber ammo and older FMJ BALL .50 caliber with Lead or mild steel cores as training only state-side use only.) In field or war zone it will be the new API-HE-DP stuff with Tungsten core or it's tracer sister……..Mark-211, or the older API-APIT belts left over from forever ago and recent times. Usually always night time " Dim " IR tracers only for combat now days also…………………..they do have a daytime tracer that's still in service but it wont light until 500 or 300 meters from the muzzle of the rifle for safety purposes and it's way less bright then the old WW-2 era headlamp super trace RED tracers for the .50 caliber that you see in old stock footage.

  5. Name Dropper says:

    So wait, do both guns use the same ammunition? If not then wouldn’t that restrict how much ammunition you can bring for each gun?

  6. Goodspittin says:

    That looks more like Ft. Irwin than any part of Afghanistan. Esp w/ the cratered hills and bushes everywhere. AND THE RADIO TRAFFIC

  7. Trade Prince Gallywix says:

    Plays "unfortunate son" by CCR. Hmmmm……. this seems super familiar to a past war. 😀 Either way… keep america great.

  8. Matt Seberger says:

    Why do some of the airmen that are gunners wear the ocp and others wear the flight suit

  9. Monsiur Snowman says:

    I know T2 Judgment day ran thru his head when he got the all clear…dream come true

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