Afghanistan War Combat Footage HD 1080p

God Bless all of those who fought and died at OP RESTREPO and all of the other soldiers who have fought and died in Afghanistan.
فیلم مبارزه با جنگ افغانستان

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised

Epic, Intense, HD combat footage

37 thoughts on “Afghanistan War Combat Footage HD 1080p

  1. john kelly says:

    are you fucking kidding me this shit had watch warning fuck me

  2. Excellent depiction of modern day Islam with U.S.A. support.

  3. Ageof Craccadillia says:

    Their in the military glorified order followers not very bright

  4. Rain some extra hell down upon them from me..

  5. George Lee says:

    Why do they wear those funny hats and women's gowns?

  6. peter fischer says:

    It looks like an ISIS produced video only with American troops

  7. Larence gagland says:

    If I were president all of those people would be in Saudi Arabia  now.

  8. james M. davey says:

    What really pisses me off?? that our best brightest young men have to go to some God ( not allah ) outpost 1/2 way arround the world to risk their lives for people like Ryan Kadharauth, Clem Alford, and TomForrest2012, when one mid-sized nuke would grant the wishes of thousands of jihadis lets give them all to their 72 virgins.

  9. tomforest2012 says:

    911 was a total inside job. The lame Osama, not that Osama and crew would not nuke an American city if they could buy a nuke on the Russian black market, BUT OSLIMA and hs 15 coke head , drunk every nite at the topless bars crew were paid CIA assets. They were kept on the payroll , so that we could point the finger at them , 15 minutes after the first building fell and say , THEY DID IT. Remember we created, financed , armed Osama and the Taliban in 1979 too fight the Russians who had invaded Afghanistan. That gave Bush , the vietnam war draft dodger the excuse too go too war in Afghan then Iraq, as fake , as it can get . What did it accomplish. It fed the military industrial complex 6 trillion dollars. Making it the biggest welfare mother of all time. Our troops guarded the Opium Fields in Afghan, because too quote a commander being interviewed by Heraldo , while overlooking a vast poppy field, [ the poor farmers have too make a living] RIGHT wot happened too the war on drugs? '. Now the world is flooded with cheap heroine. The US has a heroine epidemic, overdose deaths off the charts, mostly white middle class all american kids . Europe is on its way too becoming a sharia law caliphate as endless millions of Islam refugees flood intoo all of Europe. Many filled with hatred in part at least because they saw their homes destroyed by American bombs and their relatives, neighbor, children killed by American bullets and bombs. What a total never ending, fuck up. Europe IS OVER, CAN THE US AND AUSTRALIA BE FAR BEHIND . WE REALLY NEED A MIRACLE

  10. Ryan Kadharnauth says:

    i can't believe bush convinced Americans(good boys from all states) to go over there but it happened. it's done, now we gotta deal with the consequences. It pisses me off because i see how easy it is to make people believe what you want them to believe.

  11. Kenneth Harwood says:

    how can you not know these animals are nothing more than murdering trash this is what they are taught from the start of the there lives is hatered and murder and we are blamed for what started 1400 years ago sad people dont wake up and blame the true problem they are a cult nothing more thats was allow to gruw and spread through murder and lies and killing people that rejected the cult well ifor 1 have my eyes wide open oh and ladies aint it nice when they take you to the slave market that they have already mutilated your genitalia and that they go screw there animals for pleasure and you when they want you to bear kids huh sounds like real animals to me

  12. markx seng says:

    Pure islam  cannot coexist with infidels

  13. Errick flesch says:

    Funny, this guy hates America's way of life. Well then, "get the F-out". All these Muslims like getting America's money. If they are so against America, then don't live here or benefit "off" the good of the land. To do so only shows how they are nothing but "hypocrites". ( I'm referring to those Muslims that talk this hate, not the ones that are thankful to be here.

  14. Puma Socat says:

    in a world of Widescreen monitors, tablets, smartphones, this video aspect ratio ruins everything

  15. Before you ignorant civilians talk about war and how 911 was planned by the Government 911 was a worldwide terrorist act they killed people from all around the world those people that were in the World Trade Center where from countries all around the world we went to Afghanistan for two reasons 1 capture and kill Osama bin Laden and his fellow leaders of the al-qaeda 2 to stop the Taliban forces from pillaging raping and killing innocent people and civilians in Afghanistan 3 to train an cop Afghani police and ana to fight off the Taliban so we don't have to fight for them so before you write a comment do your research and not some conspiracy theory shit

  16. Nick Davidson says:

    Recognising bits from Armadillo, Restrepo, and I think the battle for Marjah in there.

  17. miracell1992 says:

    Omg yeeeaaahhh that's what I like ! Freaking 4:3 aspect ratio ! yeah ! nice and unwatchable, just brilliant

  18. arsenioss says:

    1 John 2:22 
    "Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son."

  19. what exactly is that they do in Afghanistan? Fighting Terrorists? Man, that's so 2003.

  20. Centcom Clown says:

    u r my hero… duhhhhhhh

  21. Typical troll, comback ^, im done with people like you, i hope u take care and start to realise that ur honestly a pathetic scrub.

    Reported and Blocked….

    (lol and to people reading this, this guy just got his comments removed for harrassment, reported by me) LOL

    😉 (no homo)

  22. Rich comming from you.

  23. Teach me ur ways of how you stay on that computer of yours and troll all day, dont you need to feed urself?

  24. Why r u wasting ur time…?

  25. U clearly dont understand sarcasam, why cant u be a normal kid who plays games and shit… Go outside and enjoy the mother nature, but no, but no, u choose to sit behind a worthless screen and harrass people…

    I <3 ur methods of trolling, especially the winks… Do u have any new methods?

  26. * To the Youtube people beware of this troll, he will try his best at trolling and his won the official trolling championships!, just look at his Youtube comments on his channel… Now u guys judge this guy!

    *hahaha i cant believe ur still wasting ur time, omg rofl, haha …. Oh no u better not comment back, u might get your comment deleted by youtube like before haha..

  27. Finnaly u changed ur Youtube icon, omg praise da lord 😀 😀

  28. Only u would watch this video, only you.

  29. ThorinofOak says:

    dude not all of them are bad…..

  30. Spencer Harding says:

    ^ What he said.

    – an intelligent Canadian

  31. Jaefar SABNW says:

    The heroin related death toll increase based on Afgani opium since the war exceeded that of 9-11-2001 3 years ago. That effects women at a higher rate than men.

  32. Jaefar SABNW says:

    Freedom of religion is more complete under Islamic law. There are none of these blue laws

  33. Jaefar SABNW says:

    War torn Bosnia during the war had the highest estimated rape rate of any Muslim majority in the past 50 years. It was about a fifth of what is estimated for the U.S.A. There is no Islamic majority where rape is not treated as a more serious crime than here. None of them allow forced marriages or consider consummating a marriage with a child acceptable as under Islamic law it is forbidden.

  34. Jaefar SABNW says:

    They dress that way because it is efficient for the extreme heat and cold. War is basically injustice. American troups have never been in Iraq or Afganistan to defend the US. According to the CNN footage in 2001 the Taliban would have given up those responsible if there was proof. The Iraqis didn't come here to fight either. Terrorist came there to bomb for oil and to free up the opium trade.

  35. Jaefar SABNW says:

    The Bible has Jesus condemning all those who fight for their country.

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