Afghanistan special forces fight Taliban as thousands flee | DW News

In Afghanistan, the government is facing an increasingly dire security situation. In recent weeks, Taliban insurgents have overrun dozens of districts in several provinces, seizing control of trade routes and forcing thousands to flee. As NATO troops withdraw from the country, it’s now up to government troops to provide security, but they face a daunting challenge.
A convoy of Afghan Commandos under attack by the Taliban was on a mission near the city of Kandahar, but ran into an ambush before reaching its target. All over Afghanistan, the Taliban are on the advance.
The US-trained Commandos are an elite force, racing from firefight to firefight, determined to stem the tide. Things don’t always end well. Gruesome footage has emerged, showing at least a dozen Commandos being massacred by the Taliban last month, after they surrendered.
The Taliban surge is not just a military disaster. Thousands of families have fled the militants’ advance, swelling the ranks of the displaced. The fallout from this conflict does not stop at Afghanistan’s border. An estimated 1,000 refugees are fleeing the country every day.


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