Afghanistan Helmet Cam Combat Video Captures US Soldiers In Intense Close Taliban Ambush

Helmet cam combat footage from Afghanistan shows us Soldiers being caught in a intense close taliban ambush while crossing a bridge. The soldiers get caught by suprise but are quick to react to the initial treat by responding with overwhelming fire.

Video credits: RancidElf32

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34 thoughts on “Afghanistan Helmet Cam Combat Video Captures US Soldiers In Intense Close Taliban Ambush

  1. WarLeaks - Military Blog says:

    This is an older video but since we got permission to share it with you guys we wanted to share this one with you since it has some pretty educational value when it comes to close quarter ambushes and proper reaction to it.

  2. They're shooting blindly

  3. Charles Kellar says:

    Why is the sun black

  4. MannyStayTrill says:

    Damn dude almost shot his buddy.

  5. GrottyWanker69 says:

    You know shits too close when your riflemen are firing bursts on full cheeki breeki.

  6. WeCameFromAbove 25 says:

    LOL!! Anyone else notice the red spray at 0:22? Nice 😉


    My dream job is becoming one of those guys in Australia

  8. Tyler Kushuba says:

    I’d pay for this video in 1080p

  9. Brian Rollins says:

    Train train train train

  10. Florifes Ruelos says:

    Please be safe always US SOLDIERS 🥰.. U all did a big effort just for the country I will salute u all!! yah all that's a good job..❤️

  11. Anyone know where this grenade launching animal is at these days??? I wish I could shake his hand.

  12. Cooking RiderTV says:

    He almost hit his comrade @19 sec.

  13. This is just a play. I watched real videos that the Taliban filmed American soldiers crying like children.😂😂

  14. Bravo Six Going Bright says:

    Camper Camper Camper 🎶

  15. Damn I miss this…. nothing like combat

  16. Some of that incoming was close af.

  17. alexa bleja says:

    he should probably duck

  18. slopothacrop says:

    Lots of comments talking about trigger control, you realize he pulled the trigger but nothing happend when that boot ran past his muzzle? Strait pulls a spent casing out of the chamber… God miracled a jam to save that kid from getting lit up, not trigger control.

  19. Seth walden says:

    He aint scared of anything.

  20. ritterbruder212 says:

    DUDE he almost shot his own guy!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Black Jack says:

    people don't know standard military procedures, in an ambush army is to call 911, and when a soldier's gun malfunctions or he is stung by a wasp, he is to be shot immediately by other soldiers

  22. STOKLEY GAMING says:

    The movie outpost is out it

  23. Valdika Dikpuia says:


  24. Roy Fairchild says:

    My promise to our protectors. I will never kneel. Thank you

  25. Daniel Hershman says:

    😆 you want your mag?

  26. Syarip Hidayatullah says:

    run the US terrorists haha ​​you are weak

  27. homework account says:

    Everyone: have problems with isis the one guy in the back: F@$$ IM GETTING STUNG BY BEES

  28. Doris Bohm says:

    Wondering about this things who set up who and how. Mmmmm If it bin bad before is it not worse now for women and girls around the middle East around there. Now lest get in that game of control and power. What truthful go on around America and not too forget Canada. Hitler bin bad but who truthful be this NAZi Germany really bin on Human DNA. France Canada Belgium France and Portugal France. Mix humans. Black somewhat black and white so called Apache native American and Japan in this Canada mix of things. When power and control is that game . It seems women and girls get the surt sick on things. But what for ones. If things bin bad before how bad is now and now so called American too the rescue in all this things. Now Canada and Belgium help ones US military military war war one flying ones angles bin now motorcycle hang out gang medical marijuana game it called. Powerful rich how is the worse one in that game. Drugs deal gone bad for some they others come out how. Now when women and girls bin some kind of targets in that game human traffic sexual games .Who when how where is that next targets for it all and is or will be this so called medical marijuana in that game. Born Germany 1967 end up jail without clothes on behind plastic glass only after all this year's truthful try too do what 14294w kerstel road Tucson Arizona one of so called medical marijuana game. Ones army wife it is are mix of France Canada man US military whats that game also. And ones marine corps mom one middle child daughter it is that in it game. Now who where when how sale out who when how where. Rich against rich poor against poor middle class against middle class or rich against this two things poor and middle class and what is or isn't that religious beliefs game with that. But it is are shit in that game human rights civil rights and whatever else so called racist rights. Now how too control others around the world. Mix message it go around America about it all. And when American is are melting pot of the world who control American people in all that. When all America try too control rest of the world . How and who protect rest of the world from American people that is the melting pot of the world most of all US military in that shit sick game of it all. Thank you

  29. Ceaz Skobar says:

    Is that the gun for ash in r6

  30. A.X.LPuma X13 says:

    Bro I wanna be in Army but I don’t know if i can Hold this Scariest thing, Like is Scary Getting Ambushed by Enemies😰😰

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