Afghanistan Combat Footage

Fox Troop 2/3 Cavalry Regiment
Logar Province, Afghanistan
OEF 14

42 thoughts on “Afghanistan Combat Footage

  1. WarLeaks - Military Blog says:

    Bro can we share this video without music? We wont make any money with it we just want to share it with our followers and piss off YouTube.

  2. Chris Bellows says:

    Firecracker out

  3. MG Gailitis says:

    I've seen a ton of these videos and have yet to see a single person you guys are firing at. Aside from taking enemy fire, how do you know there are fighters in the trees four hundred yards away? How do you determine a quote victory?

  4. No place like earth humble says:

    They always mess up these good videos with that garbage stupid music

  5. jeff woodard says:

    MUSIC???? thats not fuckin music, and those arent german mg 42s firing on yer ass, or 60 mm morters, or artillery…..i suppose now you all got a bad case of shell shock or your go too ptsd excuse….

  6. Lol he yells get out of here to guy on bike, guy on bike says "fuck you this is my land my house and my bike" Jar head does not speak the language and proceeds to intimidate him.

  7. Viki Kostovska says:

    Nice job,kill all isis dont give 1 live kill all.

  8. William Javier says:

    Your not the first you wont be the last to burn shit . Did it myself 1969 Vietnam. Come in from the bush they put us on burn detail. Fuckin REMFs

  9. Catman Florida says:

    thats music?? Sounds like some talentless idiot screaming

  10. ill76’er ???? says:

    The music gave me the gayyyy

  11. Orathai Freby says:


  12. Orathai Freby says:

    Nice good job guy's I like that just take care of yourself bye

  13. Это видео опубликовано в день рождения Арнольда Шварценеггера.

  14. Without this fucking music I would have given a thumbs up, so I give a thumbs down.

  15. What's with the shit music

  16. Jason Haddeman says:

    I should have read the comments before making my own lol. Bunch of guys out shooting at bushes huh? That mortar was close enough for that guy to taste. Easy to sit at your desk and talk shit.

  17. Jason Haddeman says:

    The music fits the footage excellent video thank you for your service. That fucking mortar was way to close. That's enough to make a guy slick his slacks…

  18. Feel the heat. Metal Up Your Ass! Let it rain fire. You guys rock and thank you.

  19. TomCat Services says:

    Why just why the damn music. The music is worst then war!

  20. Take it easy on the toilet paper tax payers have to pay for that shit

  21. Ismael Chelah says:


  22. Ryan Evans says:

    what song is that its awesome

  23. voice of the worthless says:

    I didn't see any Taliban out there… I gues you are all wasting your amo …an enjoying the shooting in open air…. By the way i like the music of born of Osiris…. This is one of my feberate metal band of all time…

  24. wayne stabler says:

    You music is wank !

  25. dragon joe says:

    Thank for your service to our country. But lose that fucked up music!

  26. Korei Tuboi says:

    an absolutely annoying music..but nice footage

  27. Thanks for fucking up a good video with shitty music!

  28. Robert Lombardo says:

    Why do you have to play that horrible demonic music?

  29. skutterbuster666 says:

    Sounds like Martyr Defiled

  30. Lee Dillon says:

    Ignore some of them comments I love the way marines take their footage and add music that's how its done! Altho I would change the song but I wasnt there. Respect

  31. Bobcollins65 says:

    You could do without that fucking music in the background

  32. Dwayne Robertson says:

    The army finally got it right with the current multicams.

  33. Fucking music makes this suck!

  34. Stillamarine 1001 says:

    I was also 0311. Every jar head infantrymen had to burn our poop.

  35. dick strong says:

    Undder Trump new policy , Its not just to not lose , it is Win . new ruels engagment

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