Afghan Commandos & U.S. Special Forces conduct night raids

Afghan Special Security Forces conduct training, nighttimes raids and operations to disrupt the enemy.


10 thoughts on “Afghan Commandos & U.S. Special Forces conduct night raids

  1. Ryan Kuniyoshi says:

    Impressive. The afghans went from using old Soviet AKMs,Toyota pick up truck to using US colt M4s,M249 SAWs,M240B and the M9.

  2. Faces Ruin Drugs says:

    Rangers forsure

  3. Brutally Honest Man says:

    You know shit is getting done in these ANA commandos training when you can't really tell the difference between US SF troops and ANA Commandos. Good work boys.

  4. ViewersDiscretion says:

    while I fully support my Army, unfortunately sometimes they kill innocents because of night and wrong information. Then you kill one innocent and you make 20 more Talibs.

  5. David Quinn Ingan says:

    Aaaaannndddd the ANA are losing to the Taliban as I type this comment. Sad!

  6. ethan leroux says:

    complex drunk sound dxfnhc need importance famous adolescent emphasize rhythm.

  7. Khalia Khan says:

    Allah bless the Afghan special force and the US special force love from USA

  8. SmaLLoan313 says:

    Morning boner for merica

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