Afghan Air Force’s first time deployment of laser-guided bomb in combat 3/22/2018

On March 22, the Afghan Air Force tasked the A-29 squadron to destroy a Taliban compound in Farah. The Afghan attack pilots were equipped with both guided and unguided bombs, and elected to employ the GBU-58 laser-guided bomb to avoid collateral damage.

The drop resulted in a direct hit along the route of a major Afghan National Army clearing operation, marking the first time the AAF dropped a laser-guided bomb in combat.


8 thoughts on “Afghan Air Force’s first time deployment of laser-guided bomb in combat 3/22/2018

  1. Franklin Walker says:

    A-29 super tucano te cheap way for drop powerfull laser bomb

  2. Subscribe for free damp pickles says:

    Why can’t we just do this the whole time out there? Whole place is fucked at this point

  3. Afzal Khan says:

    Afghanistan force know how to kills enemys if American need to help Afghan Army just give them guns machines, tanks and air plans for air forces

  4. Jean Simard says:

    That's it! Afghanistan don't need America anymore. They can bomb their own Target just like the u.s. did. Trump can bring all the soldiers back home. Afghanistan Iraq Syria all home. That would be a winner move for anyone. But we all know that won't happen

  5. Ivan Pivan says:

    Pinacle of American deployment in Afghanistan, they learned how to shoot missiles….

  6. The How To Kids says:

    Great job distory whats lift the taliban and isis is in the afghan parliament house no need to go far

  7. peter parker says:

    Red Alert…Red Alert. Tyler and/or Joseph wrote an article without the word "notional." A-fuckin' mazing!!

    We at the readers of The Drive are impressed!

  8. Good luck Afghan Air force

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