A Surprisingly Tense Battle Between a U.S. Sub and a Fishing Boat

A fishing trawler may seem like an easy target for a powerful U.S. submarine – but these were the early days of the Pacific War, and even Japanese civilian boats were armed to the teeth.

From the Series: Hell Below: In Enemy Waters http://bit.ly/2uiYkHM

22 thoughts on “A Surprisingly Tense Battle Between a U.S. Sub and a Fishing Boat

  1. Some random guy • 15 years ago says:

    who do you think would win

    A trained US soldier

    a fisherman with a gun

  2. Marvin Acklin says:

    The 3inch gun crew apparently needed some artillery practice

  3. John Smith says:

    This is actually a really cool sub, and one of the last surviving WWII era subs that you can visit. Spent a night on the USS Silversides and even broadcasted on its radio for a few hours a couple years ago. Great time, but the torpedo ticking was disconcerting.

  4. What is a "3 inch 50 caliber" gun?

  5. David Dirom says:

    Looks like a Bren mk 1, with the drum sight adjuster (my words) on left rear, rear sight looks like it’s maximum elevation. I used the Bren in 1968-1971 can’t remember (but think) it was original mk 1 in .303. then 1974-1982 as it was changed from .303 to 7.62 x 51 (around 1957) nato think it was called the Bren L4 when the caliber was changed. My 10 cents worth.

  6. Canadianvoice says:

    This is an epitome of japans war with the states. Outpowered but not outmanned. Japan had a moment and failed. Would have been interesting with a Japanese Asian Empire opposed to communism ruling half the world.

  7. Francis Santos says:

    War is terrible. Bravery, courage and fine young men on both sides. I am glad world wars has not happened while I am a fine, brave and a courageous young man.

  8. they did all this to save a torpedo, not worth it

  9. Joseph Reyes says:

    what, they don't want to use torpedo when they are under heavy fire..or the commander wants to target practice canon.

  10. William Scarborough says:

    Pretty sad for a US gunboat to be so slow to defeat a Japanese fishing boat.

  11. Huan Le Cong Quoc says:

    Did the captain got court martialed?

  12. should have had a 50cal

  13. The US sub had no choice but to destroy the Japanese boat. On the way to bomb Japan during the Doolittle raid, the naval task force sank a fishing smack with it's crew which was probably a family boat. But they had no choice but to sink it either.

  14. Matthew Kent says:

    What do you do with a dead sailor on a submarine??

  15. mixstamike says:

    I feel like they should of picked up the survivors of the enemy ship and then sank the ship rather then just letting it go essentially. Because sinking it ensures it doesn't reach the home land where they can repair and send it back out to attack and cause more damage. The enemy would be more worried about not wanting to drown or die to fight back and would happily surrender in that situation I feel and could possibly get information that could of saved more sailors lives.

  16. Shiven patel says:

    Should of used that torpedo

  17. Kal.50BMG says:

    When it´s necessary for a commander to threaten
    his own people with a pistol to fight on – something went horribly wrong.

  18. Ahmad Sukri Sabri says:

    imagine if that japan fishing boat have low caliber infantry support artillery…That will be rough

  19. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco says:

    Burlingame. Huh. I wonder if he was related to Anson Burlingame, the person my hometown is named after.

    Never heard anyone with that surname in my life.

  20. "In the end someone died"

    cheerful theme music

  21. Flying Noisy trumpet says:

    The japanese sailors on the boat be like
    Lol bad aim

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