9th Infantry Division Search & Destroy

Like This Movie Trailer? Go to https://www.militaryvideo.com/ to purchase the entire 70-minute video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos. This DVD looks at small-unit action employed by the 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam. The video includes some of the best iconic Vietnam War scenes available. Includes soldiers navigating on foot the incredible swamps and dense jungle of the delta. includes scenes of 9th Infantry Division “soldiers crossing muddy fields, soldiers stuck in deep mud. Soldier sitting in rain and eating C-rations, soldiers searching villages, resting on tombstones, and much more. Please note! This video is not narrated. It includes a music soundtrack.

20 thoughts on “9th Infantry Division Search & Destroy

  1. abra labra says:

    Rest in peace. Welcome home.

  2. Eddie Simms says:

    Man Dad arrived in Vietnam in March of 1968 and was assigned to Co B 3rd BN 47th Infantry 9th Infantry division. The base camp was called Bearcat, div HQ was at Dong Tam. He spoke of the numerous waterways endless rice paddies, the leeches, the intense heat. His first day out in the field, he had just arrived to his unit and because he was a junior NCO (E6), he was immediately placed in charge of a platoon of men, many of them were E4 and below. What had happened just moments before arrived, the plt. leader, a Lieutenant and been shot in the head by a sniper. Welcome to Vietnam!! My Dad said he had never felt such fear in his life!! He survived the 12 months and went to retire with 20yrs with the rank of E7. I too would serve with the 9th Infantry division at FT Lewis Wa I was assigned to HHC 2nd BN 39TH Infantry. "Old Reliables" Hell Yeah!!

  3. old reliable says:

    god bless the 9th i.d. 80's ft .lewis wa.! 2nd bde!

  4. old reliable says:

    hhc 2nd bde 9 th id 80's ft.lewis !

  5. rama rambo says:

    Whatta tough guys!

  6. panzer Ken says:

    Man i hate cigarettes. If i was there i would traded them for peaches and pound cake!

  7. Dirty Hobo says:

    571st Eng, 3rd Bge, 9th Inf (Tan An) 69-70 ….

  8. A can of "turkey loaf" there. Man, that guy was living the high life to have that C ration.

  9. The Meme king says:

    Does anyone know a JR Ranmah he was 9th ID. I have his blouse.

  10. Brian Dunn says:

    My dad was in country from 67-69, 9th inf. 9th Avn Jayhawks, I think he was transferred or volunteered after an accident in the motor pool/mess hall that badly burned him. I would love to know more from anyone that was there and might have known him.

  11. Craig Hoeme says:

    Does anyone from the 9th remember Forrest Hoeme? He was killed 3/11/67 in Long an. 

  12. albert villarreal says:

    I haven't found a link either. I remained in country n transferred to Tan An when the they came back to states. Hawaii is where they wound up according to Larry Longstreet that served at 9th Avn. too as u can see below our comments.

  13. SgtBaker16 says:

    Does anyone here know my Dad? He was in the 4/47 then later the E Company LRRPs.

  14. albert villarreal says:

    Hi Larry. I was there in Dec 68-Dec 69 n flew gunner for General Frank Gunn with Roger Gosser and later Scottie Ends as crewchiefs. They called us, gen gen boys. WO3 Roberts was the pilot. We transferred to Tan An after the 9th pulled out so we could finish our tour. Is it possible to e-mail me a picture of the patch or if u have an extra one I will buy it. I am sure we crossed paths. My e-mail is alvill48@yahoo.com. I don't use the phone. The minigun took care of my hearing.

  15. Larry Longstreet says:

    What I have is the patch that was on our jungle shirts. It was never sewn on and is like brand new. I was with A CO FROM OCT 68 TO AUG 69 and went home with the unit to Scofield barracks Hawaii. I flew crew chief from Dec 68 to August 69 .

  16. Larry Longstreet says:

    do you mean the jayhawk withrotorblades. i have the patch

  17. Lane Broadwell says:

    My grandpa was in the 3/47th in the 9th.

  18. albert villarreal says:

    Any one know what happened to the 9th Inf. 9th Avn. Jayhawks that were in Dong Tam, South Vietnam? I'm looking for the logo worn on Jackets.

  19. dearveterans says:

    What song is this? Is it by the shadows?

  20. CLINT EASTWOOD says:

    Great Video
    Thanks MilitaryVidecom.

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