50 Years Ago: Antiwar Protesters Brutally Attacked in Police Riots at 1968 Democratic Convention

https://democracynow.org – It was 50 years ago this week that the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago became a national spectacle, as a major political event turned into chaos that culminated with a police riot, much of it unfolding on live national television. Chicago met the protesters with 24,000 police officers, National Guardsmen and Army soldiers using tear gas and clubs. We feature newsreel clips from the week and go to Chicago to speak with former SDS and Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, who was arrested 50 years ago.

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49 thoughts on “50 Years Ago: Antiwar Protesters Brutally Attacked in Police Riots at 1968 Democratic Convention

  1. Only 2 years after the Chicago DNC there was also another protest that took place at Kent State University in Ohio which turned deadly resulting with National Guard troops opening fire on students killing 4

  2. crowbird213 says:

    DNC will soon have us in a new war. Watch

  3. Stalins Ghost says:

    I love watching cops taking care of business

  4. Kathleen Polizzi says:

    Your number of reported arrests is grossly false.

  5. Leo Gomez says:

    The left are always inciting violence and then act like the victims even today 2021 liars and anti-American to the core. TRUMP 2024.

  6. eric B king says:

    politicians across the country are moving to stop the road-blocking maneuver, proposing increased penalties for demonstrators who run onto highways and legal immunity for drivers who hit them. The bills are among dozens introduced in Legislatures aimed at cracking down on demonstrations. Bravo

  7. Howard The Alien says:

    I came here to see Hippies getting beated up by cops

  8. Ben Drankin says:

    When people think, people are more racist today 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. FrenZyy G says:

    Police riot. Remember those words.

  10. BILL BRASKEY says:

    I’m giving a thumbs down just for being democracy now.

  11. Nicholas Gromek says:

    Protesters then = less violent
    Cops then = violent
    Protesters now = violent
    Cops now = less violent

    See it?

  12. Wrestling Purist97 says:

    This will be nothing compared to what will happen in the Genoa G8 in 2001.

  13. DIEGØ CAL says:

    What a coward piece of shit you have to be to be fully armed and attack unarmed civilians. FUCK YOU ALL. Cops are worthless.

  14. Vertex Lila says:

    what is democracy… really … it's just a dream… how powerfull became the idea to control people trapped in their own heads

  15. Rob RocknRolla says:

    2020 looks great now🤣 Dirty Hippies are still at it.

  16. Fred Stann says:

    I was there. The hell first broke loose Sunday , the night before the convention, when Daley decided to enforce the 11pm curfew in Lincoln Park. The police not only clubbed the protestors, but they beat the crap out of the press and smashed their gear. That vastly improved the overall coverage of the anti-war movement.

  17. Arzee Kotzee says:

    A democratic convention in a police state…

  18. Mesut "Mike" Asllani says:

    Now I understand why are the young Americans into stupid socialism. All those morons were professors, teachers…

  19. billy belk says:

    Oh you all are bragging on these retired communists. thank god they were uncsuccessful.

  20. Jose Luis Castro says:

    Who is here after the Netflix movie? 2020

  21. "Beat beat beat/kill kill kill/stomp them raw until they lose their will"

    Why can't this happen again?

  22. Joseph Lagos says:

    Stupid old commies

  23. Nicole C. says:

    Who watching this in 2020?

  24. RICKY D. GRAHAM says:


  25. Current government is the most anti-war government of my lifetime. Lets just focus on the progress we have made. The past is over.

  26. casey lange says:

    Shame those police officers didn't beat and kill more of them…………….

  27. Richard Douglas says:

    The gasbag Democracy Now Woodstock throw-outs don't want you to know that the vast majority of Americans watching this at home were cheering for the Chicago police.

  28. David F. Marrero says:

    You liars! These were brutal communist riots!

  29. Maria Angel says:

    Those songs are racist.

  30. Geez I wish they would deal with these protesters today in the same way…. I'd sit there drinking beer and having popcorn in a lawn chair watching it like a football game lol

  31. peter okeefe says:

    take your "democracy now" and stick it up your behind…its just another word for communism. Re-instate the Bill of Rights and follow common law would be enough for anyone.The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

  32. Mark Espinola says:

    This was a communist instigated riot.

  33. Riot Control 101 Shock and Awe !! When mob rules society suffers. This demonstration was not going to be peaceful.

  34. MayTheLordDeliverUsAll says:

    Riots used to be so much worse

  35. Homer Samson says:

    Watched these events on TV as a kid, never forgot them. The unrest of 2020 brought me here to look back and compare.

  36. Jim baker says:

    Nothing has changes

  37. Brandon Andujar says:

    >Police Riot

  38. Faisal Mohammed Hossain says:

    Its still the same yet !

  39. Angus Meigh says:

    What about what America did in Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s? Why didn't people back then protest against the Vietnam War? As the Vietnam war killed hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam!

  40. Victor Castillo says:

    Bill Ayers should be doing life in prison.

  41. John Smith says:

    Juan Gonzalez was recruited by Hayden, but not "to come to Chicago" just to sit around SDS meetings at Columbia. This is why Bill Ayers was in Chicago and then became a teacher, and Juan Gonzalez was not but made it to media. Their are relatively obedient conformists even in the SDS, and they are who get the fancy jobs. So Ayers at 10:47 mistakenly places Gonzalez in Chicago, and Gonzalez for his part does not speak up to correct the misstatement, prefering to allow the misplaced credit stand. Then of course the whole vid is cut short. NPR sucks filthy donkey cock, on it's knees, enthusiastically.

  42. John Smith says:

    Obnoxious Any Goodman and her pal are barely able to present this horrendous history, lacking any sense of internal outrage, fearful for their jobs, ensconced in their coveted positions at NPR.

  43. Leftist Commies.Bernie was there. He then honeymooned in Moscow. Thats the truth. Delete my comments. I dont give a fuck. WE are the new revolution, not you. You will always lose. Socialism must be stopped at all costs. Why dont you point out bill shithead ayers bombings with his scum bag wife.

  44. looks like the professors who teach at berkely and UIC now. hilarious. Antifa 1.0. lololololololololololololo what a joke, lets call em pigs, were stubborn, we won't leave etc etc…………Protester "why are you pushing me?" cause we told you to leave. you've unlawfully assembled. "Fuck you pig" now curious why got wacked in the head.

  45. Contre les armées de Satan says:

    If the protesters knew about the people throwing flaming bags of excrement out of hotel windows they should have bailed, but they may not have known it was happening. Surely it was a huge provocation.

  46. Frank Pernice says:

    The radicals finally got their way and we pulled out of Vietnam. The promise was, if only we pulled out, peace and brotherhood would prevail in Vietnam. Instead, 2.5 million people were slaughtered in Vietnam and Cambodia by the communist forces. The war protesters just walked away, brushed themselves off, and took no responsibility for the bloodbath. Hayden, Ayers, Fonda, etal all have blood on their hands.

  47. 546 cowboy says:

    I was on the other side of that and Vietnam era soldiers and combat veterans who lost their friends there were treated like dirt by those same protestors for years later. Many had no option and those with money got deferments like many in Congress still. So you can kiss my a**.

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