50 Cal Gunner Engages Taliban Positions During Ambush

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This was filmed in the Sangin Valley during Feb/March of 2011 by Marine Reservists out of Texas supporting 2nd Recon and 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. We’d been in country for only a few weeks at the time of filming.”

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This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.

Read more about the war here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_in_Afghanistan

45 thoughts on “50 Cal Gunner Engages Taliban Positions During Ambush

  1. tehw000000t says:

    Poor guy, they keep yelling for fire then as soon as he gets the belt loaded right they tell him to stop

  2. TimeKid Sans says:

    YT: sorry, this content is age restricted

    Me: so i can watch a gunner get shrapnel in his neck, swearing like hell but i can't watch a gunner get frustrated with an M2?

  3. Waldo Bmc says:

    Damn thing jamming could mean life or death. Smh. Be safe out there guys. Much respect

  4. Jay Paxton says:

    these things are really reliable for sustained fire. more than likely had its barrel changed recently and didnt have its headspace and timing properly adjusted. could be anything but that is usually the big thing that happens with them ive read/heard.

  5. wtf is up with his 50? I never had an issue even remotely like this with the M2.

  6. That 50 calibres piece of s*** probably better off to pellet gun more reliable

  7. AnglingNVirginia says:

    Y any stopping period always take care of the 50. That sand was TERRIBLE OVER THERE


    Normal dudes:tun tun tun tunk tunk

    This dude:tunk tunk COCK IT tunk tunk COCK IT

  9. If not properly cleaned, maintained, adjusted headspace and timing especially after a barrel change plus the lifetime of each part of the gun and its replacement it will malfunction. Lube that thing better than the yours in your pants before heading out. Lube it soo well that it will be dripping more than a girl after watching the new Titanic. And it won't malfunction once in a thousand rounds.

  10. Thomas Villavicencio says:

    Lol you loaded the rounds male part 1st my guy. Wrong move lol

  11. Jeep Cherokee says:

    Can you imagine bring a B -17 waist gunner and the 50 jammed like this_

  12. Sherri Gaskin says:

    That's age restricted? Seriously? Adtube is fn stupid. Steve

  13. Panzer Ausf Productions says:

    Here I am, drinking a coffee at 8:00 in the morning watching combat videos on YouTube… time well spent

  14. This happens a lot or? Like what good is it if it jams like 50% of the time.

  15. ZEUS BERRY says:

    2:00 is where SQUAD got a snippet of their audio for Grenadier. Neat to see where the actual sound came from

  16. 빠보틀니 Bbabo Teulni says:

    Browning : I have never had a child like you.

  17. "I've got one!"

    Yeah, he's over there! And over there! And a small piece right here…

  18. Unknown 4628193 says:

    Everybody gangsta until you are a 240 gunner and opfor training just started.

  19. Rainer Sherwood says:

    That dumbass nco or officer in the truck. So little trust in his gunner. Micromanaging him so bad. Like the guy with his head sticking out of the vehicle doesn’t want to shoot at the enemies that can clearly see him and shoot at him. Seems like a massive leadership shitshow. My favorite is at the end is he tells him to stop stop stop shooting like he ignored a command. Just call cease fire and stop with the attitude to all your dudes.

  20. Chris 929RR says:

    The .50 is the only calibre that used to scare the Vietnamese soldiers. They used 7.62x39mm rounds which are devastating compared to the US 5.56mm round which used to deflect off the rubber trees. The VC and NVA had the upper hand in small firefights due to this. Australians knew this and also used a 7.62 SLR and they also had AMTRAKs with twin .50s mounted on em and thats the only thing that made the NVA and VC companies pull back in the battle of long tan. A .50 will cut a human in half and goes through trees. Theres usually no escape from a .50

  21. royalxxxg G says:

    This video pisses me off so much. Are troops need better gear.

  22. MountainMash says:

    Americans have great machinery, and in their latest product , they have a bolt action machine gun at top of a veichle, it is great for wasting time and loosing squad morales

  23. TheManWithManyNames says:

    That gunner needs an upgrade that weapon sucks jams too often.

  24. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz says:

    Headspacing Issue or SEVERE lack of CLP. You can hear it in the inconsistent timing of the longer bursts.

  25. Muhammad Al-Amriki says:

    its a machine gun but you have to re cock it every two rounds.

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