4 Hour Firefight To Take Antenna Hill in Afghanistan

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From the team:
4 hour fight compressed into 12 min, starts off quiet but will get better as it goes through the last 3 cameras. Far ambush on our 14 man element attempting to take Antenna Hill.
First camera is the platoon medic, 2nd is from the 10 man element pinned down by the enemy, 3rd is my own camera as my four man section takes the top of the hill to relieve our pinned down element, 4th is our medic’s camera again during one of the enemy counter attacks.

This footage is part of the ongoing documentation of war in Afghanistan.

Thanks to DemonFourSix for the footage!

42 thoughts on “4 Hour Firefight To Take Antenna Hill in Afghanistan

  1. Ian Dropsyface says:

    Once again enemy firing from 10 miles away and everyone hides …. has anyone ever seen a Taliban fighter closer than 2 miles away

  2. L.A.E Diving Solutions says:

    They need a mountain bike division! I’d shred down that hill thrown some whips with c4 in the forks then throw in a ghost ride at the bottom wait for it to fall over and detonate!

  3. Gary Lang says:

    Hey all, does anyone know which tv program this footage of the taking of that radio tower was featured on? I need to find the show they go into detail about this event. Please help anyone.

  4. Wratheon 1776 says:


  5. Patrick Durham says:

    We should have poisoned the water and left the whole damn country.

  6. Bedford McGee says:

    All the Afghanistan videos on YouTube are pretty much the same. Incoming fire, everyone shoots at what they cannot see and no dead bodies. Ever

  7. Marco Levacic says:

    11:25 why is he pointing an rifle close range at an elderly man which already is searched and unarmed? The afghani dude is even smiling at him like, whats your plan..

  8. InYourFace8BP says:

    I focus on this.
    Our new generation focus' on Bruce Jenner.
    Sorry military for that. It disgusts me.
    Love all you.

  9. Farhan Borana says:

    Talibans are few but america with advance technology and numbers is frcing them for peace talk….shame on america for destruction of afghanistan,iraq,veitnam


    Soldier's dies as a legendary hero and honour but taliban dies rotten in the ground with their guns…

  11. Sabi1234567890Asdf says:

    Too quiet in the beginning thought I was muted then out of no where blew my speekers God damn lol

  12. Max Ludlow says:

    As a civilian I have no idea about air support but how come there don't seem to be enough

  13. Bill Yost says:

    From one soldier to another and ALL THE OTHERS… Thank you for your brave service and many sacrifices that those in it have made.
    God Bless all of you.
    God Bless the United States Army.

  14. Tristan Mcleod says:

    beautiful countryside. I bet Afghanistan would be a great hiking spot if you didn’t have rounds flying by your face

  15. Joshua Selvig says:

    PIZZA!!!! charges down the mountain and slices all the motherfuckers to pieces with a sword

  16. Kevin Skeel says:

    Using M-4s at those types of ranges even with a scope is a fucking joke…

  17. cornelius van boven says:

    To be honest the only reason I am watching this is because I want to have some sense of wat I am gona be in when I join the army. also to see wat my dad had to go trough not gona lie I am kinda scared to realise that I am gonna do things like this. it's scary really but at the same time I have to keep my family tradition every male of the van bovens family has been a soldier. I don't know what's waiting for me Wat I do know it's coming for me…. have a nice day people.

  18. Imagine carrying a toddler through the desert, having to run with it everywhere, and carry it through this terrain.

  19. Firefights like this seem real irritating. You go up and they decide "hey lets shoot at those soldiers on that mountain" and its like you spend most of the firefight trying to figure out where the hell your getting shot from and where to shoot back at meanwhile they're gonna pot shot you the whole time until you find them or they think better.

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