+30 Moto 1 | Aztec Winter Combat Round 5

Full GoPro footage from Moto 1 of the 30+ class at Aztec’s Final Winter Combat. Cody on the Kawi was gone (he also won open pro that day) but the guy in 2nd and I had a good battle all moto long even after I made some costly mistakes.

Bike: 2017 Honda CRF450R
Track: Aztec Raceway, Colorado Springs, Colorado
GoPro: Hero 7 Black
Mount: Dango Designs Gripper Mount

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12 thoughts on “+30 Moto 1 | Aztec Winter Combat Round 5

  1. I know straight GoPro footage really isn't the most exciting, but this was a good race so I wanted to upload the whole race, raw! I really wish I could have made the move and grabbed second place, but it was still a great race. Hope you enjoy!

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  3. Tom Berrisford says:

    Absolutely fantastic mate love this video dude 😬😬😬🙌🙌

  4. Ryan Harradine says:

    Need to find you a suspension sponsor now…. Your pace is awsome… That suspensions is needing some help. "A" kit sponsorship

  5. Super Davey 1 says:

    Man that race was intense.. I was turning the curves for you while watching with my phone lol.. clearly you are a better jumper than second-place guy you almost had him a couple times. Turning Corners were better also👍😁

  6. Chris Calhoun says:

    That was a good race ! Hope you and your wife and new born are doing well 👍🏻🍻

  7. Jesse Rudow says:

    Good job . Love the way u race that Honda!!! Almost had that yamaha. Next time!!!

  8. Doms MX 26 says:

    Epic race bro, also sorry for crashing right in front of you today 😬😬

  9. So close that was an awesome last lap push 🤘🤘

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