2b2t's History of Minecraft Combat (2010-2020)

We take a look at how PvP has evolved on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft since 2010!
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FaxMachine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbPlJuNaNpJoJVuWcro–oA
Kingoros the Based God: https://www.youtube.com/user/kingoros
Palikka: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrPalikkaMc
RKY: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBO95jpB_yEIO1BfyqmuiQ
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Octopath Traveler
Banjo Tooie
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26 thoughts on “2b2t's History of Minecraft Combat (2010-2020)

  1. pvp really gets me going :o)

  2. danphilips says:

    So 2b 2t have an suside meta in the past

  3. you cant touch dis says:

    my opinion on the combat update:

    both systems are good, with both having complex, challenging structures, techniques, nuances, and skills, but i think the pre-combat update system is better. and the system i mean is the fully developed pre-combat update system, not the beta, alpha, or other version of the pre-combat update system.

    also the adventure update was 1.7!? damn, ive been playing for longer than i expected. and sprinting was introduced in it? that kinda makes sense since i didnt sprint for the longest time until i realized its a thing.

  4. Mojang should re-add the bows but they are actually machine guns instead

  5. robert edmundson says:

    what if someone made a server exactly like this but without cheats? i feel like that would be more fun

  6. AskGoverntale says:

    Popbob and Technoscootaloo trying to fight Kingoros thinking hack clients would cut it is like two anime bad guy minions thinking they can take on the main protagonists because their magic weapons are cooler.

  7. alif si bocah fr legend says:

    Remember when you first diamond 2B2T and freak out make tools with diamond but

    Veteran 2B2T players : lol wot

  8. Ryan_Gaming 10 says:

    I’m also good at pvp

  9. The Rare Ocelot Speedruns says:

    2020 – crystals
    2021- furnaces
    2022- good gamer chair

  10. imagine one day its "regular" 2b2t combat
    and then its just

  11. iM bAcon Boi says:

    Fit: one of the best pvpers in the server kesabi or somethin

  12. Jack Kemper says:

    2b2t in Minecraft 2.5.10: uses a nuke to destroy spawn

  13. GamerPepperPig99 says:

    if 2b2t goes to 1.16 the pvp would be SO COOL rocket launchers tridents it would be so cool they use bombs imagine them with rocket launcher

  14. Just1coolguy says:

    Your next video should be how far you can go out into the world is there a border or not?

  15. player dont mind me says:

    hello guys today im playing advanced warfare

  16. Joseph Athey says:

    Swords and bows will break your bones, but 32k weapons kill you immediately

  17. TheLastPlayer says:

    0:07 battle for the last pizza slice

  18. 3:33 someone heard that story mode soundtrack

  19. Swiggy Rigsr says:

    "When A Mosquito Lands On Your Testicles You realise Violence Isn't Always The Answer"

    -Wise Man

  20. GuesterCDRBX says:

    i love how the swords stack

  21. KingDeEspadas • 21 years ago says:

    f*ench “people”

  22. ZERO TWO GAMING says:

    I would like Minecraft 2b2t to be my history class

  23. Mirko Frankovics says:

    Alpha doing some real IRL trading

  24. demoknight tf2 says:

    imagine housemaster decided to keep the superweapon hoe (if it existed)

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