2019 Afghanistan Combat helmet footage

Compilation of combat footage from Afghanistan mostly US Army and US Marines. Helmet cam footage

7 thoughts on “2019 Afghanistan Combat helmet footage

  1. Eric In Thailand says:

    Maybe a false pretense posting about the dates in time, however it's great combat footage from ground level, so still relevant for those of us who want to see the USA Kick Ass !!

  2. harry mcfatterson says:

    There’s a badass fister on the end of those rounds

  3. Davin Lyseyko says:

    It's like trump directed this video…boo

  4. Southern Survival says:

    ACU’s in 2019? CIF fail lol

  5. Swizzle ! says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is that an ACH helmet and is that an M60

  6. vaLdkiD vengAnZa says:

    IDF soldiers is the best ,

  7. MattMerica says:

    None of this is from 2019!

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