1st ROK Division, Near Pakchon, Korea (1950)

Signal Corps 111 ADC8493-1 SOURCE:AFCF (A-2672)
FILM: ARCH C APC MP 761′ ea Silent ADC 8493 Car 1ST ROK DIVISION Near Pakchong, Korea (Projs 50-185, 50-224,50-228) Korean Arty, men of 15th Regt, cleaning 105mm howitzer after firing at enemy positions.Cut-ins of the men at work. MCU, cleaning bore of gun. Men of the 12th Regt practice on ,50 cal machine guns.(dry run).oCU, Korean Sgt, giving orders. Men also practice with 81mm mortars. ROKs of the 12th in mock attack against village. ROK commander briefs NCOs and men. ROKs with rifles leaning against embankment during mock attack.Koreans aiming .50 cal machine sun.LS, during the 12th Regt’s attack against village; smoke rising up in bg.
1ST ROK DIVISION Cont’d Near Pakchong, Korea (Projs 50-185, 50-224, Cont’d50-228) Cont’dKMAG adviser of the 12th Regt talks over situation with Regt Co and others. From 1 to r, Lt Col John P Reams, Lt Col Tas Weeg Lia, Col.Kim Chon Kon, Lt Col Kim Ki Yong, Lt Col Han Sun Hwa. Lt Chung Chanshik, interpreter for 12th, translates message to Regt. CP for Maj Francis C Rockey, KMAG, CU, Lt Chung on radiophone.MS, Korean with walkie-talkie on ground as he speaks into transmitter.Men of the 12th move cautiously up hillside overlooking Pakchong, laying communications wire, Korean climbing pole. MS, men at base of pole with wire. They are preparing field telephone.MS, two Koreans, one with walkie-talkie on his back, the other speaking into transmitter.