1960s Vietnam War, US Soldier Captured, Color Footage

From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. Clip ref AB71

1960s Vietnam war, US soldier captured, Vietnamese people with guns

24 thoughts on “1960s Vietnam War, US Soldier Captured, Color Footage

  1. Bác nói hay lắm

  2. Tom Bergins says:

    Japanese war crimes commission now that's quite a stretch in propaganda there & that "elected" village leader was clearly not even from there & was not elected by any villagers.

  3. Mr Westie says:

    The British along with japanes prisoners of war were well in control of the very begining of the conflict and would have no doubt won if left to carry on before the french took over—see Mark Feltons documentry!

  4. nineteenfourtytwo Transient says:

    This is a great propaganda film, I can see parallels with our current media.

  5. Sam Hauck says:

    Supplies VC with food, hides weapons caches for VC, allows VC to hide amongst them, gets bombed to shit, doesn't know why he's getting bombed lol

  6. Bây giờ thì đã rõ những người lính Bắc Việt chiến đấu vì cái gì và kết quả mà họ mang đến cho đất nước Việt Nam là gì . Thôi , ai cũng rõ rồi và không cần phải nói thêm nữa .

  7. Robert Lee says:

    Blame the communist all they bring is war pain and slavery with a promise of everything Free idiots still fall for that lie today.

  8. Stew Meat says:

    dude at 3:37 has a russian ppsh , now that's bad ass.
    not that he's going to be taking any planes down with it. just had no idea they were using those.

  9. son of serbia says:

    Serbs defended their people on their land and the nwo and corrupt serbs sent them to the war crimes tribunal. Who the hell stoid accountable for this. ?

  10. Tom Kitchen says:

    The Vietnamese people are amazing.

  11. JOHN B. RAMIREZ says:

    Gorella warfare, The battle field were chosen by vietnam communist where civilians occupied. There for using helpless civilian as
    Shield is a sign of cowardness.

  12. "There will be Wars, and rumors of Wars, but know, these things must come to pass " !

    We're just along for the ride !

  13. Jeff Graham says:

    “There’s no conscription in North VietNam. All soldiers are volunteers.” Wonder why it was so common for the NVA to chain their “volunteers” to their anti-aircraft guns?

  14. jorge chichiri says:

    China was Vietnams ally during the war.

  15. Fred Martinez says:

    Vietnam defeated America.

  16. Rob Vision says:

    In the end, America did not stop Vietnam from turning Communist. Vietnam is still a communist country to this very day. The war was waste of many good American and Vietnam lives. Many people try to justify the war, but often the actual people in the war who did the killing regretted the war. I spoke to 4 veterans of the war, only one of them returned to without any type of ptsd. Some have not fully escaped the war as the war followed them for decades. When the Americans soldiers returned to the USA they were not treated well. Many American vets even became homeless which is a shame and should have never happened. The US government used those soldiers, and when the government was done they left the soldiers fend for themselves. It is sad to see that no matter which side you stood on in the conflict the end result almost always led to unhappiness. Vietnam was a war started by politicians, but the politicians did not fight or suffer from the war at all. This is one of the first instances where America displayed how expendable the average soldier is when it comes to the hands of politicians. This is what the future learned about Vietnam.

  17. Lovie DeBiasio says:

    After WW2 Vietnam wanted to be and independent country. the USA was OK with that. but France wanted back its interest in Vietnam that it had before WW2. The leaders of France of the time threaten to go communist if they did not get there way.

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