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This silent film footage is from the gun cameras of German fighter planes intercepting Allied aircraft including B-17s in the skies of Europe. The films were shot using recording 16mm cameras in the wings of the aircraft, and used to both verify kills and probables, as well as examine tactics used in combat.

The title card at :19 roughly translates as “Original footage of the defense of the Reich by hunter killer squadrons operating against bomber groups.” Each entry shows the name of the pilot, type of aircraft he was flying, and the target as well as date. For example the title card at :27 indicates that Lt. Gerth of the Assault Group attacked at Boeing F II on April 29, 1944, while flying an FW-190. (The F II is a designation for the B-17). The card at 4:56 indicates Subordinate Officer Maximowitz of the Assault Group attacked a B-24 Liberator on May 8, 1944 while flying an FW-190.

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33 thoughts on “1944 GERMAN GUN CAMERA FILMS FW-190 vs. B-17s, B-24s WWII AIR RAIDS OVER GERMANY 29794

  1. Leonard Tomsik says:

    How is it they get so close and yet continue to pour cannon fire into the bomber? I thought it only took a "few" cannon shells to bring down a 17 & especially a 24.

  2. Muttley71 says:

    You always come across film of fighters shooting down bombers! I always wonder how many German fighters got shot down by all those guns on the B17's especially when they were flying in there defensive positions? 🤔

  3. Сергей Степаненко says:

    Its so slowly. Ten minutes or more for fire contact. Close distance. Seems one german plane shaked while shooting and many shells missed out b17 but distance so close about 200 metters.

  4. Não é atoa que eles são chamados de "A Grande Geração", bravos soldados lutando para defender os seus respectivos povos, grandes homens que se sacrificaram por um mundo que não lhes dá o devido valor.
    🤚🏻SH!!! meus camaradas, que Deus abençoe suas almas.

  5. Chris Mathern says:

    No question why these guys are called the greatest generation. I couldn’t imagine being part of the air crew

  6. My uncle Bill was a mechanic for the 8th AF during the war – at the time, mechanics were assigned to one plane and crew – he said he knew all about the first crew, their hometowns, girlfriends and such – and then, one day, they didn't come back. So from then on, he just looked at their shoes – because he knew they weren't coming back. He went through 8 crews before the war ended.

  7. Сергей Клименко says:

    А почему в ответку не стреляют??

  8. Teutonic knight says:

    God if Germany realised they were beat in 43 already….joined the Allies against Russia….how the world would be a better place ! Of course…German War criminals still be prosecuted though.

  9. methylene5 says:

    Armchair fire correction: Left a bit, down a bit, back up a bit, right a bit, that's the spot! Get some! Get some!

  10. René Schimbeno says:

    Jagdflieger bei der Luftwaffe damals wär mein Traum, bin leider zu spät geboren aber wenn ich diese Aufnahmen sehe kribbelt es richtig in mir einfach genial ➕ 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  11. Douglas Bedell says:

    I have seen this video many times and at 4.29 there is what is been called a foo fighter flying by! Does anybody else recognize this? I would like to know.

  12. Gary Durandt says:

    To all the airman on all sides in the war who lost their lives, may you RIP.

  13. Andy Turonie says:

    I wonder if any of these German pilots listed were also shot down themselves

  14. MyF1Scuderia says:

    we're watching our boys get shredded by these NAZI bastards and I can't stand to watch it without getting pissed off! But again the amount of punishment our birds took and some stayed in the air long enough to make it home again is amazing! I pray for the young Men who gave their lives to help others only now for Biden and his Cronies to sell us out to the COMMIES

  15. Colin Dragon says:

    Bombers were mass murderers burning and literally melting families to the tar on the roads

  16. Filthy Disgusting Ape says:

    Having checked historical records for Hackl, it appears that the P47 from The April 4, 1944 film was not confirmed; later on April 15, 1944 he and his Gruppe caught and mauled a P38 group (downing 7 or 8 P38s) but as his gruppe was landing, they were bounced by P47s (specifically the 56th FG) and Hackl was shot down and wounded.

  17. I'm genuinely surprised at how close some of these fighters got. That takes guts. You think with guys in those B-17s with .50cals, they would not have got away with it. At 4:37, im sure he is using the rudder to rake that plane.

  18. Алекс. Урал. says:

    Гитлер капут! Издох гнида, и его приспещники!

  19. René Schimbeno says:

    Schade das wir zu wenig von diesen Verbrechern abgeschossen haben die Wehrlose Frauen Kinder und alte Menschen in allen deutschen Städten bis zur totalen Vernichtung ermordet haben.

  20. Filthy Disgusting Ape says:

    A lot of well known 'names' on the gun camera films. I dont' think I've seen the one where Anton Hackl shot down that P47 before(still carrying it's drop tanks, it seems)

  21. Wurdswurth says:

    Once you take out the tail gunner, you take out 80% of the rear defense. Poor bastards.

  22. Олег Магерамов says:

    Фашисты мазилы конкретные,а ещё называли себя ассами "Люфтваффе".

  23. Vince Gedeon says:

    Bombers should have had like 10 gunners not 3! Stupid 😜

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