[18+ WARNING: GRAPHIC] Real Vietnam War Footage but with The Black Angels

This video is Age Restricted because of the first 20 seconds.
Story behind me adding that clip below.


Song: The First Vietnam War by The Black Angels


TLDR: Video games and sweet music is all fun and games until you find out the living HELL it was based on, of which, is hard for me to even comprehend – as it rips apart the very idea I had of war, it deeply disturbs me to even think of how fucking terrible this shit can be – and it’s happening right now, somewhere in the world, because we haven’t learned from our mistakes.


Found these guys while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 back in the day and finally wondered if all the songs are as cool as Black Grease.
In this album, named Passover, they sure are!

This song inspired me a bit. It conveyed harshness to being thrown into a hellish war at a young age. Tried to tell a bit of a story after the starting clip, of which, I should address:

I remember finding it years ago when I was interested in finding out more about the war because of the video games I was playing and the music from that era I was listening to at the time. I had a Vietnam War phase when I was teenager.

It was deeply disturbing to find that on Youtube at a young age. I thought violence was restricted to video game and movie clips. When all I wanted to do was learn and enjoy what I thought was the Vietnam War, it turns out it’s not all about riding around in helicopters, listening to Fortunate Son with the bois – it’s much more hellish, despicable and graphic than that.

Every little thing you see in this video. Every boot, helmet, weapon magazine, helicopter, boat…was designed to end another human life. And for what?

It educated me at a young age that no matter how glamorized war can be in media such as video games, it’s reality is a measure of how much evil there is in the world and how many human lives have been thrown away and torn apart. Even the morally grey parts shouldn’t even come to fruition.

Let’s learn from our mistakes and recall the worst parts of human history with videos and songs like this.

20 thoughts on “[18+ WARNING: GRAPHIC] Real Vietnam War Footage but with The Black Angels

  1. tu puta madre pipo says:

    Jaja now fbi it’s on my door

  2. Liam Kastner says:

    War is hell bro I might to go the army but idk should I or no

  3. Jonathan Joestar's Soul says:

    First time I have seen someone actually get shot up close in the head…

  4. Teresa Fontaine says:

    Why was the first man shot? It was tough to see his fear. #exMarineWife
    War changes you. For the good but many times, for the bad. Great documentary though, thank you

  5. TravOn 2Wheels says:

    War is hell. We shouldve never been there. Terrible that kids have to pay the cost of politicians desires. Great video nonetheless. The execution clip at the beginning actually has a crazy story. The guy had it coming. Due to his terrible crimes the footage of him being executed was broadcast unedited to the entire world.

  6. Dutch Schultz says:

    Pops was in the nam 68-69. Great video…


    Imagine if the soviets soldiers joined at this fight, but they actually sends a small group of spetnatz.

  8. NCR Trooper says:

    Nice. I've been studying up the war, especially on the treatment of the GIs after the war. Very intresting, makes s good screenplay, soon movie.

  9. my grandpa was a purple heart veteran in the vietnam war

  10. We owe them everything ! We paid them nothing! Instead our boys came home more terrified of the way they'd be treated by their own people than the fear they had in the jungle watching the best men they'd ever known be turned into hamburger less than a single foot from themselves!! If that doesn't scream backwards to ya, then we are truly fucked ! I say this! I LOVE EACH and EVERY ONE of those who had become permanent residents of the country of Vietnam and I love each and every one of those who returned to us after there service and sacrifice for me and you and them and you and you and you and you and you!!! Can you please try and imagine just how absolutely fucked up it would have felt for our young men to be walking off the plane in uniform and at a tall stance that shouts honor and pride, only to be overwhelmed by those who weren't there, and to be covered in spit and being screamed at ,being told that you are a baby killer and a pig,devil,murderer, and everything else they could say or throw at ya !!!! I was born in 1978 small town in Oregon, named Canby, and I have a step father who served in Vietnam,I have 2 uncles who were in Vietnam and I have friends who have fathers and uncles who were in Vietnam during the war, and the saddest thing in common that each and every one of these men have, is that the moment they were on American soil and exiting the plane, they were spat on , called baby killers, and some had liquid tomato paste sprayed on them to imitate the blood of the children and women they had killed, and today only one of those men are still alive, my step dad!! All of the others are now dead, and not because any of them wanted to die, but they were no longer able to take the pain of how they were treated when they finally came home from Vietnam, over the years, and one by one, they all had taken their own lives !! And one doesn't have to have been there to understand the hurt they felt, just look into the eyes of someone who has been in combat and words are no longer needed to spell a story , because the eyes are still playing images of the horror they saw in Vietnam and the hell they saw as they came home!!!! I love them all!! I thank them all !!! Thank you for your service to our nation

  11. Mustangman 747 says:

    My great uncle was in this war he was an anzac (australian and news Zealand army corps)

  12. Justin Salcedo says:

    Terrible song

  13. mickton shrimpton says:

    These are real heroes..bad ass song to

  14. shane lauer says:

    Man, THANK YOU! Such an invigorating video!

  15. アリスサントベナヤベレ says:

    My grandpa is died in this war😭

  16. Fuck America and Fuck Communism
    Btw I am German, Fuck Germany
    Fucking War

  17. Alex Paradise says:

    Not gonna lie, this song is a banger

  18. wølf North : foxhound : says:

    The guy in the begging beginning just walked off like nothing happend I respect that when he shot the guy

  19. noah stephens says:

    Why was the guy at the start shot?

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