[18+ WARNING: GRAPHIC] Real Vietnam War Footage but with The Black Angels

This video is Age Restricted because of the first 20 seconds.
Story behind me adding that clip below.


Song: The First Vietnam War by The Black Angels


TLDR: Video games and sweet music is all fun and games until you find out the living HELL it was based on, of which, is hard for me to even comprehend – as it rips apart the very idea I had of war, it deeply disturbs me to even think of how fucking terrible this shit can be – and it’s happening right now, somewhere in the world, because we haven’t learned from our mistakes.


Found these guys while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 back in the day and finally wondered if all the songs are as cool as Black Grease.
In this album, named Passover, they sure are!

This song inspired me a bit. It conveyed harshness to being thrown into a hellish war at a young age. Tried to tell a bit of a story after the starting clip, of which, I should address:

I remember finding it years ago when I was interested in finding out more about the war because of the video games I was playing and the music from that era I was listening to at the time. I had a Vietnam War phase when I was teenager.

It was deeply disturbing to find that on Youtube at a young age. I thought violence was restricted to video game and movie clips. When all I wanted to do was learn and enjoy what I thought was the Vietnam War, it turns out it’s not all about riding around in helicopters, listening to Fortunate Son with the bois – it’s much more hellish, despicable and graphic than that.

Every little thing you see in this video. Every boot, helmet, weapon magazine, helicopter, boat…was designed to end another human life. And for what?

It educated me at a young age that no matter how glamorized war can be in media such as video games, it’s reality is a measure of how much evil there is in the world and how many human lives have been thrown away and torn apart. Even the morally grey parts shouldn’t even come to fruition.

Let’s learn from our mistakes and recall the worst parts of human history with videos and songs like this.