18+ Chechens Fighting in The Syrian Civil War – Close Urban Combat Footage | Syria War

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Syria and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Syria. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. I also want to share this footage for: news reporting, sharing important information with the public.

Chechen Fighters In Heavy Intense Urban Firefights During Clashes with Syrian Army in Aleppo Syria.

Syria: The Long War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZGz3QHMwOM&list=UUT4layPPCzgR_99g5VYYvmQ

19 thoughts on “18+ Chechens Fighting in The Syrian Civil War – Close Urban Combat Footage | Syria War

  1. Why "18+"?? Nothing but dust and allahu akbhars.

  2. Allah hu akbar inshallah bashar falls

  3. Rohan Ghosh says:

    USA be like oh no The Chechen lions are Going hard on ISIS.

  4. Dancingwithlife says:

    Religious people; fighting vague notions of religion, but never for humanity or equality

  5. dezararus says:

    These chechen warriors fighting in blessed Sham mashaAllah! What a beautiful sight

  6. El badali Yassine says:

    Une honte de détruire un pays un peuple les bien et les troupeaux des musulman et autre religions de la syrie…

  7. Colin Mckay says:

    Hope to never see any future war videos my ppl fought with bows and arrows for our freedom

  8. I'm Bulgarian, and the only people I consider having balls as big as ours is those lads. I actually heard a laughter at one point. You gave them hell , well done.

  9. Kyle Kalashnikov says:

    Chechens just love to fight, wherever there’s a war, they’re always there 🤣

  10. As much as I dislike Chechens, I have to admit, they're great fighters.

  11. jill1010jack says:

    video from years ago.

  12. andy dimas says:

    Fuck isis they are all bunch muts!!

  13. Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell says:

    I always thought why they are communicating with Russian in Syria……
    It might be Hollywood anyway…

  14. Karapsolias re ! says:

    terrorists fighting for a false god…

  15. i hope they r all dead

  16. …Are these people ISIS or so called moderates?

  17. Zulkifli Hjahmad says:

    biiznillah.. the mojahideens shall prevail in Sham & elsewhere.. Takbeer! Allahu-akbar!

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