15min/ Tiger Footage pt1 – 8000 Subscriber special – Panzerkampfwagen VI

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Cloister of Redemption by Jens Kiilstofte
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End Game by Per Kiilstofte
Rallying the Defense by Per Kiilstofte
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The Land of the Wizard by Per Kiilstofte (Machinimasound) |

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37 thoughts on “15min/ Tiger Footage pt1 – 8000 Subscriber special – Panzerkampfwagen VI

  1. Panzer Picture says:

    Thank you guys for the 8000 subscribers, I really appreciate it, I never thought this channel would get this far when I started 3 years ago, with a few simple videos filmed with a crappy camera.
    I hope you enjoy this 15min, of Tiger porn!
    I will do a 10,000 Subscriber Hype video when I get to 10,000 Subs!

  2. Poderoso Europeo says:


  3. Klaus Scherbarth says:

    the heroic music isnt´t understatement for this beast. the best weapon on the wrong side. they say the shermans have 4 backward gears especially when they met a tiger.

  4. Imagine seeing that when it was new for the first time on the battlefield

  5. ꬸϟɦተⲁɼ says:

    Can modern tanks can ram houses like this tiger?? Just asking

  6. North Man says:

    In my humble opinion the Tiger 1 and King Tiger or Tiger II were, and still are, the most monstrously beautiful tanks to ever grace a battlefield anywhere on planet Earth. Allies soldiers blood must have run ice cold the moment they realized they were looking down the barrel of the business end of a Tiger I or Tiger II the split second before that round turned their day into forever night. 88MM instant death. However, The Hunting Tiger had the 128MM Main gun and was also murderously beautiful. I cannot imagine the intense fear that passed through the poor souls of the men that were under fire by that huge beast 128MM Cannon. Fear rushes in and urine spray's out.

  7. Sean Martin says:

    German engineering is theee best despite crazy you know who

  8. MacheteMambi says:

    Socialist nazi garbage: Early Tiger IIs proved unreliable, owing principally to leaking seals and gaskets, and an overburdened drive train originally intended for a lighter vehicle.[32] The double radius steering gear was initially particularly prone to failure.[33] Lack of crew training could amplify this problem; drivers originally given only limited training on other tanks were often sent directly to operational units already on their way to the front.[32]
    The Schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung 501 (s.H.Pz.Abt. 501) arrived on the Eastern Front with only eight out of 45 tanks operational; these faults were mostly due to drive-train failures. The first five Tiger IIs delivered to the Panzer Lehr Division broke down before they could be used in combat, and were destroyed to prevent capture.[34]

  9. Володимир Дорошенко says:

    legendary tank. that's when the designer's idea came to the ideal of production. A battle machine that caused fear and respect of the enemy. This tank was named a tiger for a reason for its deadly reputation!

  10. Roman Chikalin says:

    Этот танк был крут! Наверное лучший.

  11. Klaus Scherbarth says:

    a cruel machine in a cruel time. to conter that weapon the shermans have had three backward gears i have heard. only bombers stopped that monster.

  12. hilldwler 420 says:

    What’s German for,”those damn panther inner road wheels are a bitch to change!”?

  13. Kris Frederick says:

    Hitler riding in the chassis of a Tiger like a child with a new toy, priceless.

  14. Alter Charmeur says:

    Ab ca. 4:35 min ist der Frontkameramann Götz Hirt-Reger für etwa eine Minute bei seiner dokumentarischen Arbeit an vorderster Front zu sehen.

  15. Francesco Morini says:

    Imagine being inside this beast and fight during Ww2…imagine how invincible you will feel

  16. Skidanje Kraste says:

    Slow, dont have suspension at back…. Stupid tank as all from germania.

  17. Iraqi Fuhrer says:

    I wish you had a video from the battlefield, and it is better if the cameraman is inside a T34 or Sherman tank. I want to see the expression of the faces of its crew when the shells bounce when they hit Tiger 1.🤭

  18. Eliahu Pinchasov says:

    The Nazis were late everywhere. Or maybe it was the hand of God. Had Hitler been in power for only a year, it would have been too late. He would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons.

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