1000 GREEN Army Men D-DAY! Ravenfield Mod Battles

1000 plastic army men D-Day in Ravenfield!? Who do you stand with? GREEN army… or TAN army? Which is the best plastic army men mod.. which is the best toy soldier mod!? SUBSCRIBE for more Ravenfield gameplay!

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We’re back with more ravenfield gameplay.. not just any casual battle simulator gameplay but more specifically a collection of the best ravenfield mods I have come across in a while! These ravenfield toy soldier mods or ravenfield army men mods bring plastic toy soldiers in to the world of battle simulator games! The tan army vs the green army.. the age old battle of good and evil! Who do you side with?

My ravenfield battles and to be hones ravenfield gameplay in general has been doing really well recently so I thought I’d give it another stab here! Now it’s been a while since the last new ravenfield update.. but there’s talk of a new ravenfield ea 26 build coming out soon which will be awesome to finally have ravenfield new update with some juicy new content. Of course.. not that it has stopped the ravenfield mod makers who have been smashing out new ravenfield mods and ravenfield new mods left right and centre. These are some of the best ravenfield mods you can download from the steam workshop and they’re all linked below so that you can create your very own plastic army men ravenfield battles!



Ravenfield Maps List:
1. Childs Room
2. Tiny Warfare
3. (WitS) Mount Shrub (Item No. 2)
4. The Toyama Beach Playset (Item № 1)

Ravenfield Mods Other:
– [EA25] Plastic Army Men (Skins, Weapons, Vehicles)
– Killfeed


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