🖖Warships Sinking – Ships being torpedoed. [The force of a torpedo – A força de um torpedo]

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36 thoughts on “🖖Warships Sinking – Ships being torpedoed. [The force of a torpedo – A força de um torpedo]

  1. This song is fucking amazing omg.

  2. There's a new word for flying torpedoes: missile.

  3. basil shyam says:

    That is how i losed a battle in wows game

  4. basil shyam says:

    The human inside that will die in secend like this type of blast

  5. Steve Ward says:

    So we have all these weapons of war, yet we have hungry children in our cities. Does anyone else see a problem here?

  6. A nice way to kill the sea life.

  7. Introverto 83 says:

    Tax dollars going to the bottom of the ocean. Awesome! 👏

  8. Way to cut off the writing. But I guess that's what you have to do when your using someone else's video, crop it and make it your own.

  9. Torpeados are not what I like to see I dont even like to say more here torpeado

  10. Track Tucker says:


  11. Tsar Alshehri says:

    Torpedo dead ahead

  12. Laksamana Suhendra says:

    Girls: omg the Titanic sinking is so sad 😭
    Boys: no it's not :/
    Girls: how would you know, I bet you never experienced sadness

    Boys: flashbacks to Operation Rheinubung

    Edit: I corrected the Rheinubung

  13. Matthew Miller says:

    Holy crap that ship blew up at 0:18

  14. spyderc85 says:

    It’s amazing watching a torpedo snapping a keel like a twig

  15. It’s so awful how much toxic material and solid waste has been dumped into our precious oceans. And all the sea life that has died from this crap. It’s so sad. Seeing this is the epitome of how humans destroy this beautiful planet. All that metal exploding on the vast blue ocean. Just awful.

  16. when you make videos on a toaster and it can only render out 144p

  17. British Beret says:

    hms Barham flashbacks

  18. Jinghao Li says:

    star trek Vulcan salute

  19. itsyaboijospeh yotengo says:

    So that means world war 3 happen by sinking a toy warship?

  20. djinn sura says:

    Great, let's spend billions of tax payer dollars to build a submarine, so that we can spend another 7 billion to build a machine that can destroy our last billion dollar machine!!!!! Now this is awesome, except for the billions of people who just paid against thier will basically for both machines =D

  21. idk if you guys learned about this in history class or smth

    but during ww2 USS Indianapolis sank and the crew sticked together by holding hands i think. and if im correct every single person that survived the sinking was eaten by sharks later on.
    sad stuff. it's known as the worst shark attack in history i think

  22. Peter Hake says:

    Let’s get rid of all those weapons

  23. BelieveInMatter says:

    Its so violent, the sheer shockwave is insane

  24. Rio Bali Airport Driver says:


  25. DafaPlayz_YT says:

    Rocket called torpedo?

  26. ToyFreaxGaming 87 says:

    I’m dumb uhhhh

  27. Gregory Zepeda says:

    And here we have idiots using torpedoes on ships because they got nothing else to do

  28. Any war thunder players?

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