【A-6攻擊機】投彈量狂虐B-52轟炸機,就連三代機都瑟瑟發抖,你就說它強不強“長翅膀的雞腿”【A-6 Intruder Attack Aircraft】【軍事知識】

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A-6入侵者式攻擊機(英語:A-6 Intruder)是一架由格魯曼公司生產的雙引擎、亞音速攻擊機,是美國海軍、陸戰隊在1963年至1997年使用的全天候中型艦載攻擊機,用以取代活塞引擎的A-1天襲者攻擊機。在A-6E退出作戰序列後,其精確攻擊任務由攜帶LANTIRN䇲艙的F-14所暫代;爾後,艦載對地攻擊任務正式交給F-18E/F戰鬥攻擊機。 A-6攻擊機能夠在任何惡劣的天氣以及黑暗中,超低空飛行並穿過敵軍的搜索雷達網,精準地摧毀敵軍陣地、目標。其在越南戰爭、波斯灣戰爭、中都能夠見到它的踪影。雖然A-6已退出美軍現役的作戰序列,但由A-6所改裝的電子作戰機——EA-6B一直於美軍航艦服役至2015年才由EA-18G咆哮者取代而退役。而海軍陸戰隊版EA-6則繼續服役至2019年
The A-6 Intruder (English: A-6 Intruder) is a twin-engine, subsonic attack aircraft produced by Grumman. It is an all-weather medium-sized aircraft used by the US Navy and Marine Corps from 1963 to 1997. Carrier-based attack aircraft, to replace the piston-engined A-1 Sky Raider attack aircraft. After the A-6E exited the combat sequence, its precision attack mission was temporarily replaced by the F-14 carrying the LANTIRN cabin; after that, the ship-based ground attack mission was officially handed over to the F-18E/F combat attack aircraft. The A-6 attack aircraft can fly through the enemy’s search radar network at ultra-low altitudes in any inclement weather and darkness to accurately destroy enemy positions and targets. It can be seen in the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and the war. Although the A-6 has withdrawn from the active combat sequence of the US military, the electronic combat aircraft modified by the A-6, the EA-6B, has been in service with the US military until 2015 when it was replaced by the EA-18G Growler and retired. The Marine Corps version of EA-6 will continue to serve until 2019