■ ■ ■ Syria Combat Footage | Syria War LIVE FOOTAGE Aleppo – good Quality

Footage of clashes in Syria

37 thoughts on “■ ■ ■ Syria Combat Footage | Syria War LIVE FOOTAGE Aleppo – good Quality

  1. JusTin BieBeR says:

    हमारे भारत देश मे तो गुस्स के देखो isis वालो तुम्हारे मा न चोद दे तो हम भारत वाले

  2. JusTin BieBeR says:

    अल्लाह अल्लाह कर रहे हो मादरचोद अपने देश को खा गए बहन के लन्डो

  3. Piesel Datches says:

    I look at this footage and it really shows how much destruction war and politics can do. Syria, Aleppo, Afganistan. These are just some of the names of beautiful places that were destroyed by corrupt politicians and authoritarian rule. God help us all.

  4. Mr-somethingwired -l00l- says:

    I’m nine when I grow up I want kill the the peapol who are killing innocent people and kids

  5. Rudra pawar says:

    “allah hu akhbar” I would never like to hear that shit phrase, ever.

  6. Syria is a beautiful country, its sad to see it being destroyed by lunatics.

  7. DanGoodShot pewpew says:

    I still can't figure out is why in every video and at times that it makes no sense to do so, why in the hell do they hold their rifles over their heads to shoot?. Where the fuck they learn to shoot? Without being taught it's just not that hard to figure out. So what gives? Let me guess. They think Allah will guide the bullet to their target the infidel(aka whoever doesn't agree with them) Allah willing. Wtf. Over.

  8. Zvone Krolo says:

    People fighting and screaming constantly to show everyone their position,.

  9. aishwary pandey says:

    "Allah Hu akbar" is very dangerous word for huminity.

  10. Charing Faustino says:

    Poor innocent people who suffer this kind of war 💔

  11. Mousam Sutradhar says:

    It seems like the cod gaming world where there's all ruins and rumbles and the shooting going about. Man that's horrible for real 😞😞

  12. i know that fool, thats jim, he was a real dick in PE , glad he's well

  13. Amber Walters says:

    You wanted a holy war . You got want you wanted. Here's your holy war that you always wanted.

  14. emma skye says:

    you will get your freedom. keep fighting for it and DO NOT LET ASSAD WIN. keep fighting for your right to be a free person!!!
    I don't know every detail but i know enough to know you don't deserve this.
    wish Russia would get there fucking bombs and air strikers out of your beautiful country i don't even understand why they would get involved. America PLEASE keep standing by their side!

  15. Golla belim says:

    Shame on you guys ..taking name of Allah & then doing destructive act..

  16. Steph Foundos says:

    Really sad… what a beautiful countryside… so many violent people… I really wish the rape-and witch-and murder of innocent people, stopped, and we all just had cops, and used the Justice system correct, and put all the evil-doers in prison… and stopped war… bc looks like a lot of money, sick people with strange urges…. and they are gonna be demented after all this murder and investing so much money, energy, etc, which could be used otherwise, peacefully(Asalam alinkum my ass) to shoot big guns… so strange, their urges…what they think is to do… I don't like guns… but why not just arrest all the rapists and blood-stealers-? and not random things?? I guess destroying buildings has an agenda.. unless God really wanted it destroyed…. it's mysterious for me, bc I don't know all the facts over there, hence why I'm watching this…. reminds me of what God said about Gog and Magog- if you see a clash like this– get out of the way, and flee. Bc it's an act of God. . the total destruction that those crazy destructive forces do… They are the ones that cut down a whole tree, rather than just eat the fruit off the tree. it just gets too crazy. He did say the churches of Egypt and Assyria would only embarrass you… maybe that's why none of this makes sense… I wish they'd all just read the Bible, and stop acting so crazy. Allah-Akbar— does that mean God and Christ? Why not just read the Bible people… receive revelations… and stop with the money businesses, death-merchandizing, evil, fake churches, etc, witchcrafts— whatever… it is what it is… but God hates death-merchants… and money…. and witchcraft, and child-abusers. So, universally, it'd be great if everyone comprehended that… and did not do those evils…. oh, and the drugs, gotta stop selling drugs too… it's attached to to much evil, corruption, perversion, and witchcraft. Just be poor in money, and trust God… repent for your sins… and hopefully, start over — God hates evil…. remember… that's why there's hell in the "deaths" as Christ called them…. Hope the wars and crooked businesses in crimes stop… really do… I just saw Russians on RT, now these people… and WTF…. and you know people, with the guns, n big boy death toys, the video games, the gym equipment… eh… I just feel bad for you people on some level, that your lives are so wasted on these distractions, from true spirit, beautiful days, water, family, peaceful prayer… but… so is mine… not with games or guns… but in a ghetto filled with perverts and crack and heroin and sex abusers and witches, etc, etc… criminals everywhere… it's like terrorism in a "subtler" but as disgusting form. ughhhh… why? If I could look at a river in a beautiful place… vs this psychotic evil, everywhere… oh well… stop making snuff porns, death cult labs, etc… or you're all gonna burn in hell… all the international travel is bs, most of you morons are doing crimes--…. being lustful… and don't say very much against evil? why are you all so cowardly and afraid to be persecuted by cowards and perverts and witches??? F*** what those morons think…. Oh dear Lord God, at least despite all this wasteful, psychotic evil- I know you are capable of making all things new. So, trusting God, just gotta stop questioning so much… but I only put these warnings of hell out, bc I was in hell before, and I want people to be good, and fear God, and stop being fake Jews, fake Muslims, fake Christians… and stop the hypocrite, duplicity, split personality shit, so peace may actually take place, and we may exceed, over evil lusts— to glorify God, and help the children… and show God we hate the evil things that the devil tried to trick and control do many people with.

  17. Syria is a perfect example why Arabs cannot be united…..Prophet Muhammad wasn't wrong…. Shame on you Arabs.

  18. Astro World 2 says:

    Now show these videos to people saying terrorist have no religon then why they are uttering allah hu Akbar if religious leaders clear that jihad shit then West Asia would be a better place

  19. Astro World 2 says:

    Wht a war man i wanna kill some bad ass it would be fun to have their throats and killing them with hands and there hot blood in our hands either we will kill them or die

  20. Sherwan G Rasehed says:


  21. Sherwan G Rasehed says:

    MY BRAIN IS VERRY LOST FROM SATAN…I know very litle from syrian war in real…
    Hjernen min er veldig mye lokket av SATAN i mange år.

  22. Håkan Börjesson says:

    “AQ is on our side in Syria,” former policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, told Hillary Clinton in an email dated February 12th, 2012.

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