जब विएतनाम ने चीनीयो को भगा भगाकर मारा ! Sino(China) Vietnam War | चीन-विएतनाम युद्ध

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We have made episode on 1967 war of India and China, not only Chinese people gave hate comments but some peoples from India also stated China as unconquerable. Their estimates are purely on military size and military expenditure of china.
Sino-Vietnam war or China- Vietnam war and America-Vietnam war is example of “How war could be fight on our terms” If enemy wanted us on ground destroy him on Hills, Rivers, on the geographical area you knows very well.
in 1979 China tried to invade Vietnam but it could only enter into 10-15Km. western estimates(pro-Chinese) that 40,000 Chinese are dead whereas 20,000 Vietnam soldiers but actually Chinese has suffered huge casualties and 70-80,000 Chinese had died and more than lacs are enjured

Video Name – जब विएतनाम ने चीनीयो को भगा भगाकर मारा था | Vietnam Defeated China in 1979 | चीन-विएतनाम युद्ध |Sino(China) Vietnam War

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